I keep forgetting that Payasugym exists. Next week I’m going to go to a gym at least once!


Drink more water

I need to drink more water – felt very thirsty today but HATE our tap water. I added some Elderflower cordial to it, but that’s bad as it contains lots of sugar.

I’m going to buy some 1.5 litre bottles of Evian and let myself drink a real Evian once I’ve drunk 1.5 litres of tap water each day.

I also need to eat more slowly – I haven’t been doing the each bite needs to be the size of your thumb knuckle thing.

Haven’t eaten any fruit today yet! About to put that right.

Cracking hangover

Cracking hangover but sortedĀ it by eating blueberries and drinking a smoothie. I didn’t have time to try on tight jeans last night as too busy hunting boots. I might try at Next tomorrow lunchtime.

Ever so excited about the boots on order. It reminds me that one way to get slim is to buy lovely clothes and shoes, so just don’t feel like stuffing too much.

Cunning plan to measure slimming progress

Every time I’m in town, I should try jeansĀ on. The smallest size I can get into is the size I am. Tonight I should pick a brand and stick to it next time. It doesn’t matter if they don’t fit well and show rolls of fat. What matters is that I can get them on and do them up.

Am looking forward to doing this tonight and hopefully buying some new boots and meeting up with S & L at Malmaison.