How to Drive

Still haven’t finished Ben Collins’ book. It has to be ghosted – no one can have such amazing physical coordination and be a lively, engaging writer.

Need to finish it, so I can finally read French women don’t get fat.


4 thoughts on “How to Drive

  1. I think it’s rare and can’t think of a single example. I can’t find any evidence that this book was ghost-written, so enough respect to Ben Collins. I’d like to meet him.

    • “I think it’s rare and can’t think of a single example”

      Eh? You mean every great (or reasonable) writer you can think of is some sort of clumsy oaf? Or do you mean everyone you would class as having “great physical coordination” can’t write for toffee?

      How do you define physical coordination? People who are good at sports? How about musicians? Elvis Costello and Evelyn Glennie wrote great autobiographies and obviously have great physical coordination but may not be so hot playing professional football or driving a racing car. I would take your point that some sports auto biographies tend to be ghost written as the average boxer or footballer is going to come from a pretty poor background and will not have a brilliant education (Barry Macguigan and Matt Le Tissier have written passable autobiographies so I’m told but as a general rule ghost writing is the way to go). Generally, to become a professional racing driver you need to come from a fairly privileged background to be able to afford to access the sport and Ben Collins is no exception. He has a private education and is not from a poor background so he is likely to be able to articulate his thoughts well in writing and speech. I’m sure he is a very interesting person and you would like to meet him and that is great but I would think “enough respect” would be due simply for writing a readable book that his educational background has put him in a better position to be able achieve rather than for overcoming the debilitating physical handicap of “great physical coordination”.

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