Maybe this time

The new plan starts today. Decide in advance what one of my three meals (or one treat) is going to be. Will stick to that. Unlimited fruit and veg.

So far I’ve had breakfast, three Thornton chocolates and half a white cookie. I’ll count this as having had 1 meal and 1 treat.

This time I’m going to stick to it!


Three Small Meals 

From Tuesday, I’m going to have three meals per day plus one treat and not eat between meals except for fruit and veg.

There’s no reward for this except getting thin again.


I’ve got everything ready so I can cycle to work again tomorrow. Felt very virtuous but find I’m more hungry so eating more. Wondering whether to get a third copy of French Women Don’t Get Fat ¬†as have given away the other copies.

Rules and Mandating

Lately all my rules and mandating have gone to pot. This always happens. I start off with a few rules and stick to them. After a while I add more rules and they get more and more draconian. Eventually I rebel and do nothing.

I think the best rules were these:

  • no eating while reading
  • no eating while watching TV unless someone is with me
  • no eating while standing up unless someone is with me or I’m cooking
  • cooking once per week
  • at least one portion of fruit and veg per day

The advantage of these rules was that even if I was really stressed and wanting to eat, I didn’t because I wanted to carry on with the task in hand. Cooking once per week got me somehow more in touch with food.

I think the rules listed above are good and that if I stick to them I’ll get thinner and healthier.