No tasks after 8:45pm

My new task is to do no tasks after 8:45pm except Civ, cooking or politics.


Adho Mukha Svanasana

Adho = Down

Mukha = Face (like ‘mug’)

Svan = Dog

Asana = Pose

Everyday I’m going to learn the Sanskrit for a new pose and then do the pose. I hate doing downward dog in class. I can’t get my heels to the floor and it’s a struggle. Maybe one day I’ll enjoy it. Our teacher says it’s suppose to be relaxing.



I’m meeting up with some friends for dinner tonight. I need to do the water every two drinks thing plus no more than two large glasses of wine (or half a bottle if someone wants to share). If I do this, I’ll get the next in the Coroner Jenny Cooper series.

No bottle over £10

If I don’t buy any bottle of wine over £10 until the end of the month (this sadly rules out Tesco’s excellent Carpentier champers), I’ll give £30 to Médicins sans Frontières. I read an account by one of their doctors who performed a c-section from the light of mobile phones when the electricity gave out.