La Perla Challenge

On 1st February I’m going to order this from La Perla if I complete my new challenge. The challenge is to record everything I eat and drink except water and herbal teas.

Today I’ve had:

3 slices of leftover Dominoes pizza with tartare sauce.

Small sample of kimchi from Newbury market.

A few squares of chocolate (less than half a 100g bar).

Some homemade museli without milk.

Cup of black coffee.

Cup of tea.

Meal at Lebanese House in Newbury

Shared a bottle of red.

Kallaj – bread filled with halloumi.

Cheese burak.

Foul Moudammes (Boiled broad beans with garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and sesame paste).

Okra stew with lamb.

Shared a plate of baklava.


6 thoughts on “La Perla Challenge

  1. OK. Call me cynical but I’m absolutely, completely and utterly certain that you will NOT maintain this plan (I give it three days in this form) or you will change it completely in order to “pass” the challenge.

    Just buy the damn bra. You know you want to!

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