Day 2 of La Perla Challenge

Breakfast: 85g homemade museli with milk.

Lunch: Egg mayo sandwich on white bread with 2 sliced gerkins.

Drinks: 2 black coffees.

Alcohol: Slightly less than half a bottle of white wine. (Didn’t sleep well, so now not drinking till Friday.)

Snacks: Activa blueberry and a strawberry yoghurt.

Fruit: Tangerine.

Dinner: Chicken with gravy, cabbage, carrots and chips.

Extra snacking: I had seconds whilst preparing my lunch for day 3. Had some of my lunch, which is chicken and egg mayo sandwich.

3 thoughts on “Day 2 of La Perla Challenge

  1. Was this everything? Weren’t you hungry in the evening? I somehow doubt you got by on water and herbal tea. Everything until February right?

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