Drink is bad! (Day 4)

Feel so much better today. Slept very well and actually got woken by my alarm rather than before. Not sure if this is because I cycled to work and back yesterday, played a really relaxing game of Civ till late or due to not drinking. I think it’s mostly the not drinking.

Breakfast: 80g homemade museli with milk.

Snacks: Bombay Mix. One small mint. 3 M&S tea cakes.

Lunch: Cheese salad sandwiches on white bread.

Drinks: Black coffee.

Dinner: 5 slices of Domino’s pizza. 2 cookies.

Fruit: Apple.

2 thoughts on “Drink is bad! (Day 4)

  1. You might be on to something there. My evening meal was a bottle of red wine and lots of gin. Awake at 3 with a pounding head.

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