Christmas Party

If I have one water for every two red wines tonight, I’ll buy myself Le Petit Prince in French, English and on audiobook! I’ll also buy a 3 month subscription to Soberistas.

I’m going to drink a pint of milk before I go out.

Breakfast: About 1oz porridge with milk, salt and honey.

Drinks: Black coffee with sugar. Pint of milk.

Lunch: Heavenly 6″ tuna melt Subway. (Best sandwich ever!)

Snack: Yoghurt. Tunnock tea cake.

Dinner: Salmon starter and a fish main.

Desserts: About 9 chocolate tortes.

Alcohol: Red wine from 6pm to about 2:30am.





3 thoughts on “Christmas Party

  1. Well saved with the catchup on the Food diary there!

    Pint of milk before you get shitfaced…. er I mean drink responsibly tonight. Could be messy. If you are going to stick to your plan I want a full breakdown of EVERY drink* that isn’t water or herbal tea.

    * If it doesn’t stay down we’ll say it doesn’t count. No point in getting too picky eh?

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