Considering becoming a Soberista

I mostly drank water after every two glasses of wine last night, so bought myself Le Petit Prince and a 3 month subscription to Soberistas.

Felt fine till about 10:30am, then had worst hangover in about a year. Thinking of having a drink tonight as it’s SM’s birthday,  but not drinking then till Christmas Day.

Brunch: Massive blue cheeseburger and fries with mayo.

Drink: Orange juice. Black coffee.

Berry Brothers Wine Shop: Tried a variety of red and white wines. All tasted terrible as so hungover.

Dinner at Chilis. Tandoori mushrooms followed by Chilis Special Chilli Lamb. Tasted everyone else’s food and was particularly liked the Caramel Copa dessert. Had a chocolate mint and managed to leave an unwanted extra mint on the table.


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