Toddy mocktail

Breakfast: Porridge with honey and sea salt.

Lunch: Another massive portion of ratatouille with rice and cheese.

Snack: Tunnock tea cake. Mince pie. Yoghurt. Jaffa cake.

I need a non-alcoholic toddy as I think I’m coming down with something (lots of coughing and spluttering). This is the current candidate. Need to buy lemons later.

I can’t pronounce this pose let alone do it.

It might be better, then, to think of Utthita Parsvakonasana as the “Extended Sides Angle Pose.”

(oo-TEE-tah parsh-vah-cone-AHS-anna)
utthita = extended
parsva = side, flank
kona = angle

Dinner: grilled pork in baguette with mayo, tomato, cucumber and lettuce.

Fruit today is going to be the lemons in my toddy.

Drinks: Toddy Mocktail and black coffee.

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