I didn’t drink last night, but I feel really tired and lethargic. I think it will be another day of not doing my tasks.  The current plan with tasks is that if I don’t do them for three days in a row, a random one is removed from the list. I’m going to change this so that if I don’t do a task three days, that specific task is removed from the list. Could result in pretty much all of them being removed at once.

Breakfast: Porridge with sugar at work after a bike ride.

Lunch: Cheese sandwich with kimchi. Broke the no eating and reading task. At one point in the afternoon, I actually wondered  if I’d actually had lunch. Really need to not eat and read. Also I didn’t leave the building this lunchtime. Could explain why I feel so lethargic.

Snacks: Creme Egg chocolate. Biscuit. Yoghurt. Biscotti. Small amount of wasabi peanuts.

Drinks: Tea. Black coffee.

I’ve hunted down some malt extract, so will be making malt loaf in the breadmaker tonight. Excited for 10pm when it will be ready.

Snacks at home: Chocolates. Took the box upstairs for B to look after. Got stressed when cooking dinner when realised I hadn’t set the timer for the sausages. Went to the cupboard to pick up more chocolates and was relieved to remember they were safe upstairs with B. The moment passed and I got on with cooking. Need to foods like this upstairs!

Dinner: Sausages with mashed potatoes, peas and gravy (made by me).

Late night snack: homemade malt loaf with sultanas with butter.

Fruit: sultanas.


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