£30 to MSF

I stuck to the not drinking till Christmas Day challenge up till Christmas Eve, so I’ve donated £30 MSF. (HMRC gives 25%, so it’s actually £37.50.)

The February La Perla challenge was on hold over Christmas, but I’m back on it now.

Drinks: Black coffee.

Lunch: Lamb stir fry with egg-fried rice. (Reheated from frozen.)

Tonight it’s beef stew from the slow cooker we got for Christmas. Put it in at 12:30 this afternoon, but it won’t be ready till about 7pm.


Dinner: Beef stew with pasta with grated gruyère.

Snacks: 3 or 4 chocolates.

Fruit: Apple.


2 thoughts on “£30 to MSF

  1. Well done with the not drinking and the MSF donation.

    The La Perla challenge however….

    NO BLOODY MENTION AT ALL of “taking a break” in the original spec (https://dailyblob.wordpress.com/2016/12/04/la-perla-challenge/)

    As you will see from my comments I predicted this. You’ve failed so you’ve changed the bloody rules! You didn’t mention NYE so I expect a full break down of that night OK. Of course I expect before the end of January you’ll have changed the challenge to “record one meal a day” or “record 3 days out of every 5” or something like that.

    True to form!

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