Tough Mudder

I thought I’d signed up for a short obstacle course for team-building in May, but Tough Mudder is 10 mile run with monkey bars and walls to scale! I’m wondering whether to try and get out of it, but it’s already been paid for.

Arggh – it calls  itself the ‘toughest event on the planet’. Panic!

Breakfast: Porridge with salt and honey.

Lunch: Beef, tomato and mayo sandwich.

Drinks: Black coffee.

Snacks: 2 Guylian chocolates. 3 truffles. 2 Ferrero Rocher. Slice of chocolate cake.

Dinner at the Lebanese restaurant. I had kallaj (stuffed bread), cheese burak and moussaka stew.

Alcohol: Red and white wine. Did what DM suggested and drank as slowly as I could at the start of the evening.

I tried to get out of Tough Mudder, but a colleague who did it last year said that you can walk it and there’s queuing for obstacles, which gives you a chance to relax. He said he’d dropped out after 2 miles  last year, but he’s going to try to do better this year. I’m going to buy some running shoes over the next week or so and gently start to run again. Need to start doing pull-ups again too.



4 thoughts on “Tough Mudder

  1. Tough Mudder is REALLY HARD! My brother did it, it’s seriously tough.

    Good on you!!! I’ll expect lots of pictures 🙂

    …. out of interest how did you manage to sign up and PAY FOR this under the impression it was something akin to park run? HOW? Even a slight bit of research reveals what it is all about.

    • The electric shock obstacle is a good one 😀

      The half pipe is particularly nasty too. Oh, and there are a few that anyone who gets claustrophobic should not do at all.

      Well done Gail, what a trooper!

      • Well that changes eveything! Get out of it if you don’t fancy it.

        Also – “teambuilding” (excuse me while I vomit) God I hate “teambuilding”!

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