I misunderstood The Inebriati

Breakfast: 2 and a bit slices of bread and butter + scrambled eggs.

Fruit: mango

Drinks: Black coffee. Hot chocolate.

Snack: 2 rum fudge sweets plus a chocolate. Two or three toffifees. Two guylian shells. Three yoghurts.

Tasting: Tasted lots of the ingredients of the chicken in white wine sauce that I’m making in the slow cooker.

I’m drinking tonight and only having very nearly two drinks.

Some friends came over and wondered why I was only have very nearly two drinks. I played them The Inebriati sketch and they pointed out that it meant that you should never go above the level of very nearly two drinks. You can have more than 2 drinks a night. If a 175ml glass of wine is 2 units, you can 2 glasses in one hour and about 2 glasses the next. I think they’re right I’ve misinterpreted it, but I’m going to stick to the 2 drinks per day plan (and only 4 nights per week) till February.

I ended up making the slow cooker recipe of chicken in white wine sauce for 6 people. I’d never normally cook for more than me and just B. Felt extremely proud and want to improve. Had it with brown rice.

It was more difficult only drinking two drinks than not drinking anything at all. I resorted to eating lots of chocolates instead. Broke out the panettone too. Had a tiny amount of stilton but was restrained as everyone else had a large amount with biscuits. Had an apple juice, which really helped with the not drinking more.


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