Out to dinner tonight. Wine…

Breakfast: Granola with milk.

Lunch: Leftover chicken with rice from yesterday.

Drinks: Black coffee.

Snack: Yoghurt. 2 small chocolate chip cookies. Tunnock tea cake.

Tonight we’re meeting friends at the Lebanese. My plan is not to start drinking wine until the tap water has arrived. I’ll then fill my glass just twice. It will be awkward if people fill my glass for me when it’s partially full. I will try not to freak out at this. Overall I need to drink roughly less than two glasses of wine… if I go slightly over it doesn’t matter, though I will try not to.

Dinner at the Lebanese: kallaj, cheese burak, moussaka stew and various samples. Had some hot chocolate and a dessert.


Alcohol: Shared a bottle between three. Felt deprived so had a dessert even though quite full.


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