La Perla

I’ve been eating far too much junk lately. Reasons:

  • Feeling deprived as only letting myself have very nearly 2 drinks on only 4 nights per week.
  • Feeling I deserve it as I’ve cycled 10 miles.
  • Stress and panic – lack of confidence in my ability to solve the problem – chocolate. This happened this morning with a Tunnock’s Tea Cake. I fixed the problem that was causing the stress just 15 minutes later.

I can try solving the stress thing by thinking “I’ve solved similar things before, I can do this again. Have a cup of tea.” The new caveat with La Perla is that I am only allowed one item of junk food and one yoghurt per day. The unintended consequence of this is that I’ll pig out on bread instead, but at least that’s slightly healthier.

Breakfast: Porridge with honey and salt.

Snack: (only snack) Tunnock’s Tea Cake.

Drinks: Black coffee.

Fruit: Grapes.

Lots of things:

Yoghurt. Hot chocolate. Chocolate Christmas decoration. Apple juice. Half a bottle of wine. Fish and chips. Chicken kiev. Broccoli. Apple Strudel with cream.

Massively broke my modified La Perla challenge. Going back to the original La Perla challenge, which just involves writing everything I eat and drink except water and herbal tea.



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