Finally went to PayAsUGym to order a day pass for a local gym with a pool. I was going to pay £7.20 for a day pass, but they upgraded me to a month’s pass for the same price. (The catch is that I need to remember to cancel it if I’m not using it.) I like that you no longer have to print PayAsUGym, you just download the app. (Shows how long since I last did it – must have been a few years.)

Breakfast: Porridge with honey and salt.

Lunch: Salmon and potato salad from M&S.

Snacks: 2 Jaffa cakes. Lemon fool from Tesco (lush). A few Toffifees. Wasabi peanuts. Small amount of chocolate (less than 100g).

Drinks: Black coffee. Tea.

About to have half a bottle of prosecco. I’ll put the other half in a spare bottle in the fridge as B is drinking whisky. Also putting my swim kit ready for tomorrow morning when my new PayAsUGym is happening.

Dinner: Chicken strippers in mayo.

Dessert: Strudel and clotted cream. Gooseberry fool (lovely).

Fruit: Apple.

Alcohol: Half a bottle of prosecco.


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