Breakfast: Porridge with salt (delicious even without the honey).

Lunch: Pork chop baguette with salad and mayo.

Fruit: Grapes.

Snack: Yoghurt. Half a Tunnock tea cake.

I printed out If, then got stressed just before lunch. I read the poem, but still grabbed a tea cake. Half-way through the tea cake, I managed to persuade myself to throw it away. I think this was thanks to the ataraxic effect of the poem.

Just donated £35 to MSF for mostly being a Knight Tipler. I’ll give £35 next month if I only drink 4 nights per week (from now) and for 2 of those nights only have half a bottle.

Spent ages trying to decide between 2 different Rigby and Peller sets only to find one was out of stock in my size. I’ve ordered one, but will send it back if it’s not perfect and order the other one.

If I read If every time I fancy eating something unhealthy until 15th Feb and blog everything I eat and drink, I’ll spend £40 on more lingerie. I’m allowed one snack per day, but after that the poem needs to be deployed.

Drinks: Coffee. Tea. Sparkling non-alcoholic wine.

Dinner: Hugh’s spinach and fish omelette with leeks and spuds in butter (made by me).


5 thoughts on “Ataraxia

  1. I might lose my appetite if I had to read that twee rubbish before eating.

    I am biased against it because I had it on my wall as a kid (my parents thought it was inspirational I suppose). I know it off by heart and absolutely bloody hate it.

    Anyway, you show that imposter of a teacake who’s boss, my son. Likewise, next time you blow a load of money on the GeeGees I don’t want you breathing a word about that loss, understand?

  2. Do you?

    You’re asking the wrong person there. I’m hard pressed to find anything that evokes any emotions apart from anger or frustration at the moment

    • I relate to Nietzsche.

      My personal favourite quotes:

      “To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.”
      (That’s one of his more upbeat ones)

      “When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you.”

      or just stick to my personal favourite
      “God is dead.”

      You could print them in the original German?

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