Another new plan

The new plan is:

  • blog all I eat and drink daily
  • 1 tip from French Women Don’t Get Fat

Reward: A bottle of champagne in the first week of March that costs more than £20. Also a £35 donation to Young People and Children First.

I know I keep failing, but there aren’t many days left of this month, so I should be able to manage this.

FWDGF tip: Analyse your worst offenders. I think mine is eating too much when I’ve had some wine. My thoughts then are ‘Nothing matters – I should enjoy myself’.

Breakfast: Porridge with salt and honey.

Drinks: Masala tea. Coffee. Tea.

Lunch: Sausage, tomato and mayo sandwich.

Snack: Yoghurt. Red velvet cookie. (Both of these were when I was struggling with CSS stylesheets and feeling a bit defeated.)

Dinner: Baguette with pulled pork and coleslaw.

Alcohol: Half a bottle of prosecco.


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