Almond and Pear Pudding Cake

Just made Hugh’s Almond & Apple Pudding Cake but substituted apples for pears. Didn’t rise nicely like the one I made with apples a few weeks ago. Either I put too many pears on it or it just doesn’t work with pears.

My new habit for next month might be 15 minutes decluttering per day. Am worried this is a bit ambitious though. Could go for 5 minutes.

Slim tip: HALT = Hungry Angry Lonely Tired. I need to not eat for these reasons and just think Halt!

I was inebriated when I wrote this – you’re supposed to eat when you’re hungry.

Found out why the cake didn’t rise – I melted the butter over the hob first to make it easier to mix. Turns out that when Hugh said ‘soft’, he didn’t mean ‘melted’.


Crashing and Burning

I’ve been trying to do too much lately. I’m going to have one task for every month of the year and add one each month.

January’s task: 5 minutes reading FlyLady per day + shine the sink.

February: Ask myself a question relating to my programming exam and spend 15 minutes studying.

March: 5 minutes looking over my 2Dos.

I’ll also blog a diet tip per day.

Tip from ‘The Happy Kitchen’ by Rachel Kelly: “Go nuts.” (Sprinkle seeds on everything. I used to do this with porridge – need to get some seeds from the shop.)


Easier Challenge

The new plan is:

  • 1 tip from French Women Don’t Get Fat or similar per day

Reward: A bottle of champagne costing over £20.  Also a £35 donation to Young People and Children First.

Mangez moins et faites plus de sport.

Eat less and do more sport. Instead of having rigid plans – like eat only 4 meals per day – I will try to put off eating snacks and try to move more.

I don’t want a yoga mat

The reward for March was a Liforme yoga mat, but I’m fed up of them advertising to me everywhere I go and I don’t want to spend £100+ on a mat.

The new plan is:

  • blog all I eat and drink daily
  • 1 tip from French Women Don’t Get Fat
  • 5 minutes yoga

Reward: A bottle of champagne costing over £20.  Also a £35 donation to Young People and Children First.

Breakfast: Waitrose lush ginger museli with milk.

Lunch: Pulled pork roll with coleslaw and bbq sauce.

Snack: 1 shortbread biscuit with chocolate.

Drinks: Black coffee.

Alcohol: Pint of cider. Large glass of red wine.

Dinner: 2 pulled pork rolls with coleslaw and bbq sauce. (Need to eat salad tomorrow.)

French women don’t get fat tip: Use herbs to add flavour. Might have a basil and tomato salad tomorrow night.

Missed a week

I’ve been doing 10 minutes yoga here and there. If I carry on from now on with blogging daily and 5 minutes yoga per day, I’ll get the lush yoga mat at the end of the month.

Breakfast: Porridge with salt and honey.

Lunch: Homemade chicken salad. 2 mints.

Snacks: 3 squares of chocolate caramel. Small cookie.

Drinks: Coffee.

Dinner: Feta homemade salad (by me).

FWDGF tip:

Whenever a craving strikes, instead of having an entire piece of cake, they enjoy an bite or two and are completely satisfied.

The same goes for wine – they enjoy one glass, rather than an entire bottle and are content and not drunk!



Yoga: 10 mins as didn’t do any yesterday.

Breakfast: Porridge with sugar.

Lunch: Chicken leg plus posh version of pot noodles. 2 mints.

Dinner: Yoghurt. Two pork chops, courgettes, new potatoes and gravy.

Dessert: 3 champagne truffles. Smoothie with mango, avocado, lime, Greek yoghurt and cinnamon.

Drinks: Coffee. Tea.

Greek Women Don’t Get Fat: If you’re physically hungry, you ask yourself: “Is there something I can eat?”  But if it is an emotional craving, you’ll  ask “What do I want to eat?” I need to write in this Blob why I ate something if I’m not hungry at the time. The smoothie wasn’t a case of hunger, but I felt I deserved something nice as haven’t had a drink tonight (or last night).