Yoga: 10 mins as didn’t do any yesterday.

Breakfast: Porridge with sugar.

Lunch: Chicken leg plus posh version of pot noodles. 2 mints.

Dinner: Yoghurt. Two pork chops, courgettes, new potatoes and gravy.

Dessert: 3 champagne truffles. Smoothie with mango, avocado, lime, Greek yoghurt and cinnamon.

Drinks: Coffee. Tea.

Greek Women Don’t Get Fat: If you’re physically hungry, you ask yourself: “Is there something I can eat?”  But if it is an emotional craving, you’ll  ask “What do I want to eat?” I need to write in this Blob why I ate something if I’m not hungry at the time. The smoothie wasn’t a case of hunger, but I felt I deserved something nice as haven’t had a drink tonight (or last night).



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