Almond and Pear Pudding Cake

Just made Hugh’s Almond & Apple Pudding Cake but substituted apples for pears. Didn’t rise nicely like the one I made with apples a few weeks ago. Either I put too many pears on it or it just doesn’t work with pears.

My new habit for next month might be 15 minutes decluttering per day. Am worried this is a bit ambitious though. Could go for 5 minutes.

Slim tip: HALT = Hungry Angry Lonely Tired. I need to not eat for these reasons and just think Halt!

I was inebriated when I wrote this – you’re supposed to eat when you’re hungry.

Found out why the cake didn’t rise – I melted the butter over the hob first to make it easier to mix. Turns out that when Hugh said ‘soft’, he didn’t mean ‘melted’.


One thought on “Almond and Pear Pudding Cake

  1. So the secret of getting thinner is to think of a 4 letter acronym made up of 4 random adjectives and then repeat it to yourself. I must try that.

    How about:
    TITS – Temperamental Innocuous Tenacious Sublime
    SHIT – Superior Haughty Irritating Tempestuous
    FUCK – Fallible Unctuous Capacious Kafkaesque

    From now on I will repeat any one of these out load when faced with some binge eating, say at the canteen on fry-up Fridays, or when DA orders Pizza. I will then walk away empty handed but thanking my lucky stars that my mantra prevented such an embarrassing display of gluttony.

    The weight will just fall off.

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