Grit by Brit

I wish I lived close enough to go to Brit’s classes. Tips from Brit:

  • Dance in front of the mirror
  • Stretch in front of the TV

Bulgur Wheat Porridge

I substituted bulgur wheat for quinoa as it’s supposed to be just as healthy but cheaper. It did not work for me at all. I’m going to try the recipe again (cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg), but use oats.

Top tip: eat one less bite. Always leave a little morsel on the plate.

Weigh in

The scales showed 10st 12 this morning. This isn’t horrendous considering I’ve been eating on all occasions for all reasons.

Tip from the Community Page on FitnessPal: Track accurately. I’ll try to be more accurate, but I think the important thing is to get everything down.

New Plan

Goal weight: Friday’s weigh-in minus half a stone.

How to achieve this: minimum 5000 steps per day on days when I don’t do yoga or cylcing. FitnessPal entries for everything however imperfect.

When am I going to achieve this: by Christmas 2017.


I’m going to weigh half a stone less than I weigh this Friday by Christmas 2017. I’m going to achieve this by doing a minimum of 5000 steps per day on days when I do no cycling or yoga. I’m also going to log everything from now on in FitnessPal (even if I type it in wrongly – at least it will be there).

I’m starting now with FitnessPal with the delicious melty red velvet cookie I just ate.

Blue Porridge

I dyed my porridge blue this morning. It was delicious as ever, but didn’t look that attractive. Blue is never going to put me off.

FWDGF tip: Don’t stock offenders at home. I need to stop buying chocolate in the belief that I’m going to be moderate.


French Women Don’t Get Fat says eat more yoghurt. Added it to my to-do list.

Blue update: finally managed to get blue food colouring today as Tesco’s has been sold out. Will add it to my porridge tomorrow.


I gave up on FitBit when it failed to find the Marks and Sparks passion fruit drink I’d just scanned in its database.

CW recommended FitnessPal. I’m finding it much easier to use. It’s been asking my weight and goals, so I’m going to weigh myself this Friday morning. (I’m giving myself a few days to slim down as I’ll feel discouraged if it’s horrendous.)

Miss Patina update: it arrived. The tank-top comes with a blouse underneath. I love it & am wearing it tomorrow.