Eat blue foods

 Eat blue foods. Blue foods are rare in nature, and blue has the power to suppress the appetite. If possible, dye your food blue. Eggs, rice, and beverages readily absorb blue food dye.
  • Use natural food dye from a grocery store to dye your food.
  • You could also sit in a room with blue walls, or put your food on a blue plate.

This tip comes from wikiHow.

I’ve added blueberries to my shopping list and will think about what I can dye blue. Might paint some hard-boiled eggs blue.

Also picking up some blue cheese later.


3 thoughts on “Eat blue foods

      • … and then what?

        WTF? Another bat-shit crazy scheme. Are you really going to bloody dye everything blue? Are you going to imagine everything blue? Will it stop you eating something you “really” want to eat anyway? (Will it hell!)

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