2 Bottles of Wine & 2 Coffees

My new rule is to have no more than 2 bottles of wine per week and no more than 2 cups of coffee per day.

Wisdom from 3FatChicks:

I’m probably one of those who drinks and stays thin. When my friends see me drinking on the weekends they probably think that I have a fast metabolism or something but in reality I can’t have it all. What I mean is I’m very strict with my rules for eating healthy, I rarely miss a workout and I walk a lot. There has to be a balance.

I don’t allow myself to eat when drinking, again just trying to find a balance. You have to choose what you really want and what you can live without but you can’t have it all without consequences.

I also think that perceptions sometimes are very subjective. My friends normally say that I eat a lot, and it’s true that during meal time I eat until I’m satisfied but I don’t spend the whole evening snacking on crisps, cookies or sweets as they do, so in the end it comes to the same, you have to balance it all.


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