No more added sugar

I’ve given up added sugar until my birthday. Naturally occurring sugar (e.g. fruit) is fine. Honey is not as I know I’ll start ladling honey into everything. This rule does not apply to alcohol.


3 thoughts on “No more added sugar

  1. Seriously, not adding sugar to food is a really easy and effective thing to do. I’m still prepared to bet you’ll be off the wagon and will have made multiple alterations to the “No more added sugar” plan by July.

    “Doesn’t apply to alcohol” ok. Are you in the habit of drinking sugar syrup based cocktails? Is this going to be your get out clause? Are you going to get rat-arsed on Daiquiris every night just to get your sugar fix and tell yourself what a good girl you are?

  2. I haven’t had a cocktail since 2015. I only drink wine, beer and cider. I am having a sweet dessert wine tonight though. Also I try to drink pretty much only two bottles of wine per week nowadays.

    • Ok, no cocktails and you don’t add any extra sugar to your wine beer or cider. Just curious!

      You definitely won’t take to the booze out of sugar craving? That won’t happen. Right?

      Two bottles a week eh? Very restrained. You are an inspiration! Define “pretty much”. Is this a mean average or a median based on a semi regular bender?

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