There were some exotic Indian sweets in the office today – I couldn’t resist. I’m back on the no sugar plan now though until my birthday.

I’m going to eat anything I like on my birthday and on one day the following week when I take cakes etc into work. After that, I might be sugar-free until Christmas.


Not weighing myself tomorrow

Felt really grumpy today, so ate lots of creamy Greek yoghurt and stuffed myself on cheese while preparing Hugh’s fritatta. Another time I should eat fruit instead – maybe grapes.

Was very chuffed with myself for going to yoga. Really didn’t want to, but had fun once I was there.

10st 4 3/4

On Friday morning I was 10st 4 3/4. I think this is due to cutting out added sugar and honey. It might also due to our microwave not working, so I couldn’t have shed loads of butter on everything. I’m going to weigh my butter from now on and see if I can gradually reduce it.

It’s really nice being thinner. I’ll eat a dessert on my birthday and then go back to being sugar-free.