The Falcon

As I’m giving blood tomorrow, I’ve been eating more meat than usual. I had chicken liver paté at The Falcon on Saturday (most nom).

2017-07-29 12.50.17

I was 10st12 when I weighed myself on Wednesday. I’m hoping to be 10st11 or less when I weigh myself this Friday.



I cancelled my gym membership as it cost £90 to get my bikes fixed, so I thought it would be a good idea to cycle to work more. The only times I’ve cycled recently is when I had to, e.g. the car was in the garage getting its body work done.

I’m going to put a reminder in my phone to cycle in next time.

Piling it back on

I weighed myself on Friday and found that I’m 10st11. Since then I’ve been to a wedding and eaten far more than my share of cake. The two bottles of wine plan has gone out the window. I am still on the no sugar till Christmas plan except if someone will be offended, e.g. by my not eating wedding cake. I think people might have been offended yesterday by the amount of wedding cake I packed away. (At the end of the night, some had been wrapped in clingfilm and placed on the bar. I peeled back the clingfilm and ploughed through it.)

I’ve got some sugar-free muesli, so I no longer need to eat toast smeared in gallons of butter for breakfast. I can’t weigh myself this Thursday as at another wedding. The revised sugar plan is that I can have one portion of wedding/birthday cake. I’ll weigh myself again next Sunday morning. If I weigh less than 10st11, I’ll get some sparkling wine, else it will just have to be plain white wine.