The Secret Life of the Mind

Today I was 10st 11 1/4. This is slightly down from 10st 12 last week. If I’m less than 10st 11 next Friday, I’m going to treat myself to this book.


Challenge Failed

Last night I fancied a drink before the bank holiday, so I broke the Dom Perignon rules. Tomorrow I’ll sort out some new rules to have Veuve Clicquot for when JF arrives on Thursday night.

BBQ at work

Breakfast: muesli.

Lunch: chicken and sausage and potato salad in pitta.

Snack: seconds.

Dinner: heavenly bacon, brie and mushroom panini. Also some of B’s Burger King.

Alcohol: Two tiny glasses of 50 year port at work.

Not eating sugar is not going to help me lose weight if I console myself by overeating other food stuffs.

Night Out

Breakfast: Mueli.

Lunch: Slice of buttered toast with tin of tuna, chick peas, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Snack: Mini quiche, dinky cheese pasty, quarter sandwich.

Tonight is 3 drinks only night. I’m going to put £3 in the back pocket of my handbag. After every drink, I’ll move a £1 to the main pocket. I’ll try to stop people topping up my drinks. If I go over three drinks (except for top-ups) then the Dom Pérignon challenge is null and void.

Weight: 10st12. Only having 4 meals per day is not going to work if I have MASSIVE meals. Maybe chewing gum while cooking.

Dinner: Parmigiana, taste of someone else’s and lush wild mushroom ravioli at Mio Fiore.

Alcohol: large glass of wine, about half of a second glass, half a cider.