Dom Perignon

I’ve never tried Dom Perignon. I’ll be buying some on 31 August if I:

  • drink no more than half a bottle of wine three times per week
  • have no more than three smallish meals plus one treat per day. Need decide before eating what I will be eating. Unlimited fruit and veg.
  • big what I eat except the fruit and veg.

Today I’ve had a full English breakfast.

Lunch: Smoky chipolte and avocado salad from Sainsbury’s. Spinach and pesto tortellini.

Dinner: Spinach and pesto tortellini.

Treat: More spinach and pesto tortellini as I stashed the leftovers.

Alcohol: Less than half a bottle of champers.


One thought on “Dom Perignon

  1. Yada yada… here we go again.

    The only certainty is that this plan will “change” before the 31st.

    I’ve tried Dom Perignon. It is damn nice. As for the price, the law of diminishing returns definitely applies.

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