Plan improvement

My 5m todo list task needs to be organising and prioritising my todo list rather than just doing a task on it that I fancy doing. Still need to put paint on the car. Also have been putting off worming the mogs due to the trauma to all involved.


New Plan

After only one hiccup I completed the Bible challenge. The Bible is on its way – hopefully in time to be useful for the exams.

If I stick to the new plan till 1st July, I’ll treat myself to a hotel in London plus a bus tour. If I fail, I’ll give JF ¬£100 in Amazon vouchers.

The rules:

  • 15 hours tidying (5 minutes must be done each day except when I don’t sleep both nights in my own bed)
  • 2 hours reading FlyLady
  • 10 hours learning C/AL, AL or the Visual Studio Code editor.
  • 5 minutes organising or doing items on my to-do list daily.
  • 5 minutes doing a weekly task such as French/German/Hoovering etc.
  • 2 pieces of fruit per day – e.g. 2 apples not 2 grapes!
  • no eating while reading
  • no eating while standing up
  • no eating while watching a screen

except when supervised by a responsible adult  or when eating fruit or veg.