Change to the plan

If I succeed, I get a bottle of Veuve Clicquot or Louis Roederer the first week of July else I get a bottle for JF.

  • Equivalent of 15 minutes per day tidying.
  • Equivalent of 2 minutes per day reading or listening to FlyLady.
  • Equivalent of 10 minutes per day learning C/AL, AL or the Visual Studio Code editor.
  • 5 minutes organising or doing items on my to-do list daily.
  • 5 minutes doing a weekly task such as French/German/Hoovering etc.
  • 2 pieces of fruit per day – e.g. 2 apples not 2 grapes!
  • no eating while reading.
  • no eating while standing up.
  • no eating while watching a screen.