Serrano Ham

Sunday round J&C’s: 

Serrano ham (photos to follow tomorrow).

Mince pie.

Some of yesterday’s failed mocktail.



Herbal tea.

Lush rum chocolate from Hotel Chocolat. Admiral self-restraint in not taking a second.

Purple Quality Streets.

Enormous chocolate eclair (photo to follow).

Later in the evening:

Some of the beef and tomato for tomorrow’s lunch.

Grapefruit with sugar.

Cat’s Claw tea.


Winter Mocktail

Breakfast: 2 slices of toast. 2 fried eggs. 1 Bockwurst. Part of a Frikadelle.

Holland & Barrett: Tried some ginger and some other drinks. Really liked the Rochester Ginger.

Drinks: 2 coffees. Cat’s Claw tea. Vitamin B drink. Another herbal tea.

Dinner: Jacket potato with butter. Beef with gravy. Cabbage with garlic.

Am about to make this winter mocktail.

The winter mocktail tasted ok (vaguely alcoholic), but not amazing. Need to search for a better recipe (and maybe for something that can be warmed up).

Alcohol: Glass of champagne. Glass of grim Santerre from Lidl.

Fruit: Pear.

Paul’s Bakery

Breakfast: Porridge with salt and honey.

Drinks: Coffees.

Lunch from Paul’s bakery. Savoury snacks like cheese and vegetable sandwiches. Sausage and apple baguette. Chocolate cake and apple tart.

Snack: Chocolate mouse. Nougat. Bites of a frikadella from Lidl.

Dinner: Steak with new potatoes and garlic greens. Lush Bearnaise sauce from Lidl.

Snack: Choco peanut bar.

Alcohol: Large glass of champagne and large glass of wine.


Breakfast: Porridge with salt and honey.

Lunch: Hugh’s frittata.

Drinks: Coffees. Salted caramel green tea.

Dinner: Lamb chop. 2 boiled eggs with buttered toast.

Snacks:  Lots of chocolate dates. Lindt chocolates.

Fruit: Pear.

Drinks: 2 glasses of champagne.


Breakfast: New nut muesil from Lidl. Much nicer than the awful healthy one I had before.

Lunch: Leftover Hugh’s frittata.

Snacks: feeling reluctant at work, so ploughed through about 8 advent calendar chocolates (v tiny chocs).  2 Lindt chocolates.

Drinks: Coffees. Tea.

Dinner: Lamb chops with cabbage with garlic and potatoes with butter.

Fruit: Pear.



Breakfast: Porridge with salt and honey.

Lunch: McDonald’s cheeseburger.

Snacks: 3 tree chocolates. 2 Lindt chocolates. Stuffed date.

Drinks: Coffees. Tea. Squash.

Dinner: Ribs. Corn on the cob with butter. Lamb chops (small ones).

Alcohol: Shared a bottle of red with B (Domaine des Sénéchaux).

The Canarvon Arms

Breakfast: Porridge with honey.

Drinks: Black coffees. Tea. 2 glasses of squash with sparkling water. Lemonade and lime.

Lunch at The Carnavon Arms. I had poached eggs with bubble and squeak and shared whitebait, pizza, chips and sweet potato fries.

Fruit: Part of a banana.

Snacks: At least six chocolates as cycled to work today, so car was frozen after work & I didn’t want to de-ice it and go out on the slippery roads to go to Tesco. Also didn’t want to cook, but said I would and haven’t cooked in ages.

Dinner: Hugh’s oven-roasted roots frittata and a pork chop. Ate shed loads preparing it.