The Secret of the World’s Oldest Family

The key is that you need to get your oats at night

This article about the 13 Donnelly siblings of the County Armagh suggests having porridge at 10pm every night.

I love porridge, so will do this from now on if I haven’t had a drink that evening.


Indian Head Massage

As I’ve mostly stuck to the challenge, I’ve booked a head massage with N for mid-October. If I stick to the same challenge till next Friday, I’ll upgrade the massage.

I was 10st 11 1/2 this morning. I’m going to try to make healthier choices this week (less wine and cake).

Massage Plan

  • No eating whilst reading (except fruit and veg).
  • No eating whist watching TV or standing up unless someone is with me (except fruit and veg).
  • No complaining except on Sundays unless it’s to someone who can do something about the complaint (e.g. sore tooth at dentist).

Reward:  On Thursday I’ll contact N to book a massage.