There was going to be a picnic at work, but it thundered.

Breakfast: Sushi, sandwiches, houmous, stuffed vine leaves, quiche and other buffet foods. (Held out till 1ish. Ended up feeling ravenous and eating more than I usually would.)

Lunch: More quiche.

Dinner: More seafood pasta.

Snack: Bowl of porridge.

Weight: 10st 10 1/4.

Might combine two drinking days in one tomorrow night.

Stir Fry

Breakfast: Usual porridge. Need alternatives to cinnamon.

Lunch: Cheese and tomato sandwich.

Dinner: Stir Fry. Slightly broke my rule of deciding in advance what the meal would consist of as I ate lots while preparing it.





Spring onions



Mange touts

Olive oil

Ahoy yellow bean paste

Fish sauce



Next time: will add cashew nuts and mushrooms.

Only three drinking days this week

Breakfast: Porridge with cinnamon and salt. (Am trying to stay off the honey.)

Btw: weighed myself last Thursday and I’ve lost 3/4 of a pound. Was 10st9.

Lunch: The remains of the tortellini from yesterday. Salad from Sainsbury’s (added some of the included mayo, which was bad as it probably contained sugar).

Snack: Slightly off habas fritas.

Dinner: Two boiled eggs and two slices of very buttery toast.

Dom Perignon

I’ve never tried Dom Perignon. I’ll be buying some on 31 August if I:

  • drink no more than half a bottle of wine three times per week
  • have no more than three smallish meals plus one treat per day. Need decide before eating what I will be eating. Unlimited fruit and veg.
  • big what I eat except the fruit and veg.

Today I’ve had a full English breakfast.

Lunch: Smoky chipolte and avocado salad from Sainsbury’s. Spinach and pesto tortellini.

Dinner: Spinach and pesto tortellini.

Treat: More spinach and pesto tortellini as I stashed the leftovers.

Alcohol: Less than half a bottle of champers.

Weighing myself tomorrow

Last week I was down to 10st9 3/4. This week I’ve tried to be careful, but a colleague and I keep exchanging walnuts, peanuts and lightly salted habas fritas (roasted broad beans). I’m not going to stop snacking at work, but I’m going to take a mini bowl and not fill it any further once I start snacking from it.