Eating Lots

Last week I thought I had eaten loads, but still lost weight, so my subconscious thinks I can do the same this week. Tonight I’ve flagrantly broken my no sugar rule and eaten shed loads whilst making sushi. I thought about getting some chewing gum to make it to harder to eat whilst cooking, but I felt anxious that I’d get carried away and swallow it. I made lots of decisions not to eat, but kept breaking them. I think I have to accept that decisions with eating and drinking just don’t work. Rewards don’t really work either. I just need to trick myself into putting off eating as long as possible. Tonight I threw a partly-munched bar of chocolate down the stairs. Just remembered the teeth-cleaning tactic. I’ll put that on a massive post-it.

In more positive news, I haven’t had drink since Saturday night, though I did fancy one today.


Newbury Real Ale Festival

Tutts Clump Perry was lovely, but not as nice as Hecks Cider that I had in Peterborough (I  need to buy some online). I let myself  drink and eat anything I liked at the festival and don’t think I embarrassed myself.

I think the secret to losing a bit of weight last week was homemade sushi and riding into work. I’m going to get my bike kit ready for work now and I’ll be making sushi again later. (I really go insane for crab sticks and avocado.)

Teeth Cleaning

Was about to break open the chocolate as scared about going back to yoga after about a month off. I’m trying not to have sugar till Xmas, but I’ve broken this rule a little lately, though mostly I don’t really want sugar anymore. Had three peppermints then cleaned my teeth and didn’t want to eat anything.

I haven’t had a drink since the early hours of Sunday. Trying to keep it this way till tomorrow.

Am weighing myself tomorrow – am sure it will be fine.

School Pics

Today at work was fancy dress school uniform (photo available on request). I’m really chuffed – in the photo my legs do not look fat!  I think I need a rule that I wear a dress or skirt to work once per week as that will inspire me to eat less!

Not going well

This weekend I’ve eaten and drunk far too much. Feel a bit out of control. I think this might be a reaction to being really good for a few weeks in August.

This morning I promised myself I won’t drink till Friday night. JF recommended Club Soda. I’ve joined and set my goal as having 3 alcohol-free days per week.


  1. Wish is a meaningful, challenging, and feasible goal. 3 alcohol-free days per week. No more than 2 bottles per week.
  2. Outcome is the best result or feeling from accomplishing your wish. Not spend the day feeling that the sky is falling in. Sleep better. Feel energetic.
  3. Obstacle is something inside you that prevents you from accomplishing
    your wish.  Saying to myself it’s too hard to police how much I’m drinking if lots of people are drinking from the same bottle. Forgetting I’ll feel bad the next day or assuming I’ll feel ok the next day.
  4. Plan is a plan of action: if [obstacle], then I will [effective action]. If a lot of people are drinking, my first two drinks should be drunk slowly and ALCOHOL-FREE.



  • Put off eating as long as possible and make sure it’s really nice
  • Eat healthy food like fish, veg and fruit when hungry
  • Exercise as much as possible
  • Eat and drink as slowly as possible
  • Breakfast and lunch should be 4oz.  Dinner 12oz.

Today I’ve walked 23919 steps in London.