Breaking Bad

Robert Galbraith’s Silkworm  book caused me to eat and read.

I’m starting again with the no eating + reading/watchingTV/standing. If I succeed to the end of the month, I’ll book a massage with the amazing Nicole on 1st March.


No Plan Survives First Contact with the Enemy

Slight change of plan. If I’m eating fruit or veg, I can eat that while reading/standing/watching a screen.

Am eating roast aubergine and courgettes as a type.

‘As military strategists go Duke, you’re not exactly Alexander the Great.’

New Plan

I can feel my stomach getting bigger. The attitude has been “I’ve heroically cut down on the booze, so I can eat Ferrero Rocher and Krispy Kremes with impunity”.

Plan for Feb:

  • No eating and reading.
  • No eating and watching a screen unless accompanied.
  • No eating while standing up unless accompanied.

Reward: a day off before the 10th March.

Cooked Pears with Cinnamon

I made French Women Don’t Get Fat‘s Cooked Pears with lots of extra dessert wine and added some vanilla syrup. Served it with vanilla cream. Am wondering if it’s acceptable to make this during a Dryathlon.

Drinks: Coffee. Tea.

New Year’s Resolution: I’m going to cook at least once per week. I’m going to try 12 new recipes in 2018.

From tomorrow I’m going to transfer my blogging to my Dryathlon site except for details of when I cook.

Food at SM’s: Dr Oetker Pizza. Chocolates. Pistachios. Crisps with dip and other nibbles.

Alcohol: Many glasses of mulled cider.  White wine. Champagne at midnight. No more alcohol now till February.

I’ve made a donation to Bibic

My weight is 10st11 (not bad after Xmas). Will be interesting to see if the Dryathlon helps. If you’re reading this, why not sign up for a Dryathlon? Imagine what you could achieve if you weren’t hungover.

Baked Chicken Curry

Drinks: Black coffee.

Snack: Lush ‘milk cake’ from Fresh.

Brunch: 2 boiled eggs with 2 slices of buttered toast.

New Year’s Resolution: I’m thinking of cooking a new recipe every week.

Dinner: I made Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Baked Chicken Curry. Next time I need to use the fan oven as it was a bit under-cooked. I am going to hone my craft.

Snacks: Chocolates. Lebkuchen.

Alcohol: An entire bottle of white wine to myself. A few shots of Port.


Breakfast: Museli.

Snack: 2 chocolates.

Lunch: McDonald’s grilled chicken mayo wrap. Cheese bites with dip. Small amount of chips.

Drinks: Coffee. Teas. Valerian tea.

Dinner: Buttered baguette with beef and potato salad.

Dessert: Apple strudel and vanilla cream.


Cycled into work, so am buying myself Ori and the Blind Forest.

Breakfast: Museli.

Lunch: 3 slices of pizza and a slice of garlic bread.

Snacks: Praline baton. Coffee chocolate. 2 mini chocolate fingers.

Drinks: Coffee. Tea.

Dinner: Cherry tomatoes. Cheese. Biscuits. Chocolate off the tree. Tangerine. Beef. Bread. Salad. Tiny bit of Panettone. Florentine.

Alcohol: White wine. Red wine. Tiny amount of Port.